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Negotech is a repository of collective agreements which is available as a courtesy via the Employment and Social Development Canada's (ESDC) web site.

In cases where the source organization is not subject to the Official Languages Act (OLA), its collective agreement, and accompanying documentation (if applicable), is only available in the language in which it was provided to ESDC.

In cases where the source organization is subject to the OLA, its collective agreement, and any accompanying documentation (if applicable), should be made available in both of Canada's official languages.

Note on Collective Agreement Summaries

If you are interested in obtaining copies of settlement summaries, please contact the Workplace Information Division using one of the following options:

  • Toll-free at 1-877-259-8828
  • By E-mail using the online request form
  • Or mail your enquiry to:
    Workplace Information Division
    Labour Program
    Employment and Social Development Canada
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0J2
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