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Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

Location: Fort McMurray, Alberta

Union: Canadian Union of Public Employees

Affiliation: Canadian Labour Congress

Number of employees: 740

Bargaining unit: inside and outside employees

A 48-month renewal agreement, effective from January 1, 2014, to December 31, 2017, settled in April 2014 at the bargaining stage. Duration of negotiations – 4 months.

January 1, 2014*
January 1, 2015
January 1, 2016
General Adjustments 3.0% 3.0% 3.0%
Hourly Rates - Permanent Employees After 12 months
Pay Level 1 $34.00
[not available]
$35.02 $36.07
Pay Level 5 $38.65
[not available]
$39.81 $41.00
Pay Level 10 $45.56
[not available]
$46.92 $48.33
Pay Level 14 $52.12
[not available]
$53.68 $55.29
Pay Level 19 $62.07
[not available]
$63.93 $65.85
January 1, 2017
General Adjustments 3.0%
Hourly Rates - Permanent Employees After 12 months
Pay Level 1 $37.15
Pay Level 5 $42.23
Pay Level 10 $49.78
Pay Level 14 $56.95
Pay Level 19 $67.83

*A new scale of wages was implemented. The former pay level 5 became the new first level. The former sixtieth level became the second and so forth.

Hours of Work

35 or 40 hours per week depending on classification [unchanged].

Probationary period - New employees hired into a permanent part-time or full-time position shall be required to serve a 6 (3) calendar month continuous service probationary period from the date of hire into that position before obtaining permanent status. All permanent employees shall be evaluated in writing during the 6th week and at the end of the probationary period. A copy of the evaluation shall be given to the employee.

Paid Holidays

12 designated days plus 2 floating holidays [unchanged].

Paid Vacation

2 weeks earned after 1 year, 3 after 2, 4 after 5, 5 after 10, and 6 after 15 [unchanged].

Utility Technician Premium

Water and wastewater treatment operators and collection and distribution operators who hold a valid Environment certificate will receive an additional wage premium $2.00 per hour to a maximum of $24.00 per hour [new addition].

On-call Shift premium

For each assigned hour or part thereof, of authorized on-call duty, an employee shall be paid the sum of $3.50 per hour [new addition].


Meal allowance: $15 [$11] when working overtime.

Health and welfare

Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP): The employer will pay 100% of the premium for all

permanent employees [new addition].

Dependent Life: The employer will pay 100% of the premium for all permanent employees [new addition].

Life Insurance: The employee will pay 100% of the premium [employer paid 100%].

Accidental Death and Dismemberment: The employee will pay 100% of the premium [employer paid 100%].

Critical Illness: the employee will pay 100% of the premium [new addition].


Bereavement leave: Consideration will be given to providing reasonable traveling time for travel outside the province to a maximum of 2 days with pay [reasonable traveling time for travel outside the Province].


In addition to government-paid benefits, birth mothers are eligible for a Supplementary Unemployment Benefit (SUB) from the Employer. Therefore, for this twelve week period, the employee is eligible for a SUB top-up to their EI benefits so that their total income from both sources combined is 85% of their benefits earnings base. The employee’s benefits earnings base is their base pay, and if applicable, adjusted for shift differential for base hours worked [new addition].

Job security

Specialized work: work that requires equipment or skills that the municipality does not possess or where the municipality workforce is not available to handle a time-sensitive situation will be contracted out. Such work may be contracted out if the work can be done at a substantially lower cost; or significantly more effective way [new addition].

Technological change: no employee will be laid off or suffer a reduction in wages because of the introduction of new or modified equipment and/or as associated changes in methods of operation [new addition].


The parties have therefore agreed to foster the enhancement of skill development of employees through the promotion and implementation of an Apprenticeship Training Program. The cost of 60% of tuition fees will be paid by the employer. Upon successful completion of the program, the employer will reimburse the apprentice for the remaining forty percent (40%) of tuition costs [new addition].

The training program will supplement Employment Insurance benefits for periods of unemployment when participating in the training [new addition].

Labour-management committee

A labour management committee will be established to further the interests of improved service to the public, ability of management to manage competently and job security for the employees.

Evaluation Committee: a joint evaluation committee will carry out an evaluation of bargaining unit positions [new addition].



Note: Summary reflects the information in the collective agreement.


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